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Road Blocker

A road blocker is a heavy-duty security barrierused to control access to roads or restrictedareas. It can be retractable or fixed in place,and its purpose is to prevent unauthorized orforced entry by vehicles, particularly in high-security locations. Road blockers are designedto withstand vehicle impacts and can beintegrated with other security systems forenhanced protection.

Bollard System

Bollard systems, often used as a security measure, consist of sturdy vertical posts installed to control or restrict vehicle access. These posts are typically made of durable materials such as steel or concrete and can be fixed or removable. Bollards can also be designed to integrate various technologies like lighting, cameras, or sensors, providing a versatile and customizable solution for both aesthetic and security purposes.

Arm Barrier

Arm barrier systems, also known as boom barriers, are used to control vehicle access in various settings such as parking lots, toll booths, and gated entrances. These systems consist of a sturdy arm that blocks or allows passage depending on the control mechanism. Some modern arm barrier systems incorporate advanced technologies like RFID tags or biometric scanners to enhance security and streamline access control processes.

Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems

Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems (UVSS) areadvanced security systems that use high-resolution cameras and imaging technologyto scan the undercarriage of vehicles forpotential threats or suspicious items. UVSScan quickly detect concealed objects likeweapons, explosives, or contraband, providingan added layer of security in high-risk areassuch as airports, military installations, orgovernment facilities. These systemsautomate the inspection process, reducingthe need for manual inspections andenhancing overall security efficiency.

Armored Doors

Armored door systems are robust security solutions designed to provide enhanced protection against forced entry, vandalism, and ballistic attacks. These doors are typically constructed using materials like steel, reinforced glass, and specialized locking mechanisms to ensure high levels of resistance. Armored door systems find applications in sensitive areas such as banks, government buildings, and high-security facilities where physical security is paramount.